Zou is a 2013 television series that premiered on Disney Junior 2 September 2013.



The show has been animated on france in 2011.

Episode ListEdit

# Title[4] Airdate
1 "Zou the Chef" 4 May 2014
Zou helps Grandma bake a cake for Mother's Day, but Dad accidentally eats it. Zou decides to make another cake on his own, with disastrous consequences.
2 "Zou Goes Camping" 2 September 2013
Zou and Elzee prepare to go on a camping trip in Zou's back yard.
3 "Zou Goes Mountaineering" 8 September 2013
Zou and Grandpa pretend that to mountaineers, and that the stairs are a mountain to climb.
4 "Zou's Ant Farm" 9 September 2013
Zou decides he wants a pet and tries his luck at owning an ant farm.
5 "King Zou" 4 September 2013
Zou declares the house "Zouland", and makes himself king. Mum and Dad set him some challenges before he can officially become king.
6 "Zou the Postman" 5 September 2013
Zou tries his luck at delivering mail to his family and neighbours.
7 "Zou's Drum" 10 September 2013
On his birthday, Zou gets a drum from his uncle Ziggy. Unfortunately, his loud playing disturbs the family.
8 "Zou's Teething Ring" 7 September 2013
Zou tries to hide his old teething ring before Zinnia discovers it and makes fun of him.
9 "Zou Leaves Home" 3 September 2013
Zou is told he's making too much noise, so he decides to leave home.
10 "Zou's Mission to Mars" 12 September 2013
Zou and Elzee, with Grandpa's help, pretend they are astronauts on their way to Mars.
11 "Goldie the Sunflower" 11 September 2013
Zou brings home his classes' sunflower, Goldie, to take care of over the weekend, but then he worries that Goldie is sad.
12 "Zou the Detective" 6 September 2013
Inspired by his favorite TV show, Zou plays at being a detective, apart from Nana's missing dentures.
13 "Zou and the Camera" 26 October 2013
Zou borrows his dad's camera to complete a school assignment.
14 "Elzee's Fashion Show" 23 June 2012
When Elzee shows Zou her new dress, she and Zou decide to have a fashion show.
15 "Zou and the Doctor" 15 September 2013
Poc is sick, and needs to go to the doctor. Zou tries to calm down the terrified bird, only to be scared himself when he learns he needs an injection.
16 "The Daily Zou" 14 September 2013
Zou makes his own newspaper, but has trouble finding a good story.
17 "Zou the Artist" 13 September 2013
Zou attempts to enter an art competition at the park, but when he copies his friends' arts, he makes his arts into a collage.
18 "Zou's Scarecrow" 16 September 2013
Zou and Grandpa decide to make a scarecrow to protect his seeds, but when they do, they upset Poc by scaring him.
19 "Zou's Promise" 18 September 2013
Zou makes a number of promises, but finds it hard to keep them.
20 "Zou's Walkie Talkie" 19 September 2013
Zou gets a pair of walkie talkies, and uses them to communicate with his family members.
21 "Super Zou" 21 September 2013
Zou becomes a superhero, even when he helps Nana who is stuck up the stairs in the middle of the night.
22 "Zou and the Rainbow" 17 September 2013
Zou and Elzee try to find the end of a rainbow and create an original surprise when they attempt to find a pot of gold.
23 "Zou's Cherry Pie" 20 September 2013
Zou bakes a cherry pie for a contest, but Grandpa loses his garage keys among the cherries.
24 "A Halloween Hunt" 27 October 2013
Unable to go to the town's Halloween costume party because of rain, Zou, Elzee and Zinnia hunt for the ingredients for Grandma's Halloween cookies.
25 "Zou and the Caterpillar" 27 September 2013
While helping Grandpa harvest potatoes, Zou and Zinnia find a caterpillar. Zinnia is scared at first, but Grandpa shows her how a caterpillar can become a butterfly.
26 "Zou and Zonk, the Giant Dinosaur" 24 September 2013
Zou, Elzee and Grandpa build a dinosaur out of cardboard boxes, pillows and a sheet.
27 "Zou's Soccer Match" 25 September 2013
When Zou, Elzee and Zak are playing a game of football in the park, Poc feels left out because he's been mixing up the players by whistling.
28 "Zou's Bicycle" 26 September 2013
After seeing Elzee on her new bike, Zou asks for one too. Grandpa fixes up his old bike and gives it to Zou, who learns that new things aren't always better.
29 "Zou's Dance" 22 September 2013
Zinnia talks Zou into a entering a dance contest. He partners up with Elzee, with surprising results.
30 "Zou's Pantomime" 28 September 2013
After a pantomime in the park is cancelled, Zou decides to make one of his own, with a little help from his friends and family.
31 "Zou's Circus" 29 September 2013
Zou, Elzee and Zak decides to make a circus. Zack has trouble finding an act that suits him, until he discovers his skill as a clown.
32 "Zou Up High" 14 October 2013
Grandpa gets Zou and Elzee tickets for a hot-air balloon ride. Zou is scared at the idea of being up so high, until Grandpa helps him see otherwise.
33 "Zou's Bucket" 3 October 2013
Zou suggests the family have a water-saving "bucket day", but things don't go quite as planned.
34 "Zou's Rainy Day" 18 October 2013
When the family's trip to the seaside is cancelled due to rain, Zou must find another way to have fun.
35 "Zou and the Easter Bunny" 14 April 2014
Zou and Elzee decide to go looking for the Easter Bunny.
36 "Zou and the Elephant Rescue" 1 October 2013
After watching a news report about an escaped elephant, Zou sets out to trap the animal.
37 "Zou and the Stripey Things" 6 October 2013
After learning about "stripey things" in school, Zou becomes scared of anything with yellow-and-black stripes.
38 "Zou the Clown" 15 October 2013
After hearing about circuses from Mr. Zoey, Zou becomes a clown, and tries to cheer up a sad Elzee.
39 "The Big Race" 9 October 2013
Zou's hopes for having a pedal-car race with Elzee are dashed when his dad twists his ankle, and Zou has to help look after him.
40 "Pirates and Fairies" 13 October 2013
While the friends are playing at the park, Zou and Zinnia disagree about what are "boy's games" and "girl's games".
41 "Zou's Garage Sale" 8 October 2013
Zou dcides to sell some of his old toys at the family's garage sale, but regrets doing so afterwards.
42 "The Fancy Dress Party" 2 October 2013
Zou's plans to win a fancy dress contest at Elzee's keep getting dashed, as each costume he tries is already being worn by someone else.
43 "Zou's Robot" 12 October 2013
Zou rushes to gather enough cereal box tokens to win a toy robot.
44 "The Very Windy Day" 4 October 2013
Zou and Grandpa use an old windcheater to fix Zou's kite.
45 "Zou's Magpie" 30 September 2013
When one of Mum's silver earrings goes missing, Zou searches for the culprit.
46 "Zou's Trip" 12 October 2013
Zou makes a pretend car of the new washing machine's box, and, together with Elzee, Zinnia and Zak, takes a pretend trip to the seaside.
47 "Zou's Comet" 5 October 2013
Zou and his family prepare a party to celebrate the passing of the Zebra Comet, which only comes by once every eighty years.
48 "Zou's Aquarium" 10 October 2013
Elzee gives up going to the aquarium in order to look for her lost bear, Gizmo. Zou & Grandpa make Elzee a pretend aquarium to cheer her up.
49 "Zou and the Power Outage" 16 October 2013
Zou and Elzee cannot play computer game due to no electricity and must find other things to entertain themselves with.
50 "Zou Owns Up" 17 October 2013
Zou accidentally breaks zak's red race care and is scared to tell him.
51 "Zou the Magician" 23 September 2013
Zou accidentally makes Poc disappear.
52 "Zou Says Sorry" 7 October 2013
Zou says sorry.


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